A Partial Perspective – Dr. Kristina Baines on Cool Anthropology, and the Use of Embodied Ecological Heritage

Dr. Kristina Baines on Cool Anthropology, and the Use of Embodied Ecological Heritage

S01 E06:

Recorded July 2, 2020

This episode of A Partial Perspective is with Dr. Kristina Baines, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at City University of New York, at Guttman Community College. She is also an affiliated faculty at CUNY Graduate School of Public Health.

In this conversation, Will and her discuss her Anthropological perspective, including a framework she’s developed in her career called Embodied Ecological Heritage, which links everyday health with the heritage practices that take place in specific ecologies. They also discuss the several collaborative projects that she has going on at Cool Anthropology: a website she cofounded with her wife, Victoria Costa, which hosts a series of collaborative projects. They touch on a couple of them, including their Shifting Stereotypes Project, which is an interactive documentary that is set to release soon. They also talk about the Ethnography Matters Project, which can be thought of as a collaborative discussion about the use of ethnographic methods for all purposes, for people everywhere. The conversation starts with discussing how she applies an anthropological definition of health, especially right now during COVID-19.

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