A Partial Perspective – Dr. Sarah Willen on Pandemic Journaling Project & Linking Migrant Health and Dignity in Israel

Dr. Sarah Willen on Pandemic Journaling Project & Linking Migrant Health and Dignity in Israel

Season 1 Episode 5:

Recorded June 11, 2020

In this next episode of A Partial Perspective is with Dr. Sarah Willen a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Connecticut. She’s authored several articles and books in her career, and William touches on some of them, including her latest ethnography published last year, Fighting for Dignity: Migrant Lives at Israel’s Margins, which philosophically centers dignity in her research in order to understand notions of vulnerability, illegality, and inequity for the various narratives she captures concerning migrants who settle in Israel from all over the world, such as from regions like South America, Southeast Asia, and Western Africa.

At the start of the conversation, they discuss COVID-19, including her new Pandemic Journaling Project. The Pandemic Journaling Project aims to document people’s experiences with COVID-19 in order to contribute to our historical understanding of what has happened during this time. It launched on May 29 and was created by an interdisciplinary team of students and faculty over at UCONN. You can contribute in English or Spanish, by writing, or even using audio and photo, and you can even securely download your journals. This is a great project that professors have found instructive having their students contribute to, as you’ll hear from next week‘s guest, Dr. Kristina Baines at City University of New York. The project is scheduled to last as long as COVID-19 does, which seems to be the foreseeable future.

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